A DJ turntable is a record player that comes with the necessary functions that help you mix two tracks together. It is important to know that you can use a DJ turntable to adjust the tempo of a track. This technique is popularly known as beat-matching.

DJ turntables are manufactured with CD players that have a slip pad disc. Do you know that the DJ turntable is the main point of DJ’s form? It is the main and one of the most crucial branches of sound engineering. In the past, DJ turntables have been used to orchestrate music.

This device enables the DJ to produce scratchy sounds and effects. Keep in mind that these effects are simulated by reversing the slip pads. It is a common device with experienced DJs. They use it to create new music for parties and events. Originally, turntables were used in hip-hop culture. Over the years, they have become the primary tool in creating soundtracks for party events.

We have witnessed turntables evolving from vinyl types to new digital CDJ decks. Nowadays, DJs use both digital and analog turntables. Digital turntables come with more features and effects. You can agree with me that indeed they have become a real game changer in the music world.

Pre-recorded tracks are mixed with other tracks to mash up in order to create a new sound. This is achieved by changing the tempo and the beat that comes with the digital turntables. All that you need to do in that case is to record the sound you want to mix.

You need to understand all the components of a turntable if you want to know how it works. You might be aware that the base is the foundation of a turntable. Most DJ turntables feature a motor at the base. The main role of the motor is to run the whole system. What is the main function of the platter? It ensures consistency of speed when the track is playing.

Usually, the heavy platter is considered as the key to a steady sound. The complicated technology in the DJ turntable is stored in the arm. The arm has its own spot at the base of the turntable. The manufacturer has included enough distance between the arm and the platter. This minimizes shakiness. The arm features a cartridge that touches the platter.

Typically, the cartridge uses electromagnetic induction to transmit the grooves into sound waves. While some manufacturers incorporate a magnetic cartridge, most of them prefer moving coil. Small fluctuations in the magnetic field will be created by the movement of the turning platter. Actually, that’s how music is created through the use of turntables.

You might be wondering the role of the additional system. It allows the pre-recorded sounds to be played with a push of a button. Interestingly, this will happen without disturbing the main track that is currently playing. Many DJs use this to show off their remix skills.

Final thoughts

As you can use, DJ turntables have become a silent breakthrough in science and sound engineering. We hope that you will find this information helpful.

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