How to Use a DJ Turntable


A DJ turntable is digital equipment used for orchestrating pre-recorded music. Simply put, it is the midpoint of the art form of a DJ. It features devices such as CD players with a slip pad disc similar to a platter in an analog turntable.

With the turntable, a DJ can produce effects and scratchy sounds that are stimulated electronically by reversing and holding the slip pads. Therefore, a DJ turntable is used to come up with new music for events and parties.

When it comes to using a DJ turntable, it is crucial to understand all the basics first before moving to the most advanced features. That includes knowing the two types of DJ turntables and learning how they work.

The two types of turntables include:

1. Digital turntable – The digital turntable is a game-changer since it has plenty of features and makes the DJ’s work quite easier.

2. Analog turntable – The analog turntable is the classic one that doesn’t really offer much in terms of features and usage.

It is essential to learn more about these two types of DJ turntables to be on the safe side. The most recommended is the digital DJ turntable since it has a lot to offer users.

How a DJ Turntable Functions

If you want to fully learn how a DJ turntable functions, you first need to understand the various components used. Check out below the various components of a turntable:

  • The base – It is the foundation of the turntable and where you’ll find the motor. It also makes the entire system run properly.

    • Platter – It makes it possible for the speed track playing consistency of the turntable. If you want a steady sound, consider having a heavy platter.

    • The arm – It is the storage of the complicated technology. It has its own space at base and it also has the right distance from the platter to help in the reduction of shakiness. There’s also a cartridge right at the tip of the arm, and it is the only thing which touches the platter. The arm uses electromagnetic induction to help in the transmission of the grooves of the vinyl which are turned to sound waves.

You can have a moving coil or magnet type cartridge. There’s an additional system that enable you to play the pre-recorded sounds with one push of a button or just one twist of the knob, without the need to disturb a track that is playing. This allows the DJ to show off their skills by mixing the tracks right on the spot, and even create different music from the other two tracks.

Bottom Line

Every DJ who wishes to rock his audience with exotic music has to have a better understanding on how to use a DJ turntable. As we have highlighted above, it is not rocket science to use a DJ turntable and the results are impressive. You can either have a digital or an analogue DJ turntable, and they will both produce impeccable results.

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