How Much Does a DJ Turntable Cost?


Averagely, a new full DJ turntable set costs around $1500. However, this price tag can change to be lower or higher, depending on where you are buying the device from its current state. Usually, renowned brands such as the Pioneer DJ turntable can cost you a fortune to buy. This is because the brand already established its authority and knows that people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on their equipment.

However, you can still acquire a good enough DJ turntable even when you are on a budget. For starters, you can find a used and refurbished turntable at a much lower price than when buying a new one. Additionally, there are many brands selling DJ turntables with high-quality and industry-standard features at more reasonable prices.

Therefore, you don’t have to squeeze your budget where it can’t fit trying to purchase a brand name rather than a worthy enough turntable. In this guide, you’ll understand all there is to know about how much a DJ turntable costs.

Factors Affecting a DJ Turntable’s Cost

As you may know, a turntable’s full-set comprises of multiple elements to fulfill its purpose. These different parts form a turntable worth taking to events and serve their duties, respectively.

Because each part comes separately, the price of a full-set turntable highly depends on these add-ons. Below are some of the essential elements that make up a full-set turntable and how they all vary in price.


Here, the quality and brand of the speakers contribute significantly to their buying price. Similarly, size as well matters a lot when it comes to buying DJ speakers. You can find speakers ranging from around $50 to $500.

The best thing to factor in should be the speaker’s sound quality. You might have a good turntable with exemplary sounds, but if the speakers are lousy, they’ll ruin the whole experience.


A DJ mixer can go for around $70 to $1500 or even higher. Again, this narrows down to the mixer type and the brand selling it.


Controllers are simply alternatives to the real thing. They quickly and portably replace the mixers and turntables. However, they can be used with them, and all you need is DJ software and a laptop. Controllers can cost you from $120 to $4000, while the average controller’s average price is about $600.

Cables and Lighting

Cables are usually the cheapest parts of a full-set DJ turntable. They rarely reach $100, but this still depends on the length.

As for the lighting, the options are many, including the lasers, stage lights, and stage bars. A full DJ lighting set can cost you from $60 to $250.

Bottom Line

The price of a DJ turntable will depend on various factors as highlighted above. Various brands will have different prices depending on the features they are offering. The compactness and durability of the design will also play a part in the pricing of the gadget. One should know what they are looking for in a DJ turntable before ordering.


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