Mobile DJ Truck Equipment – Everything You Need To Know

What do you need to know before spending your money on mobile DJ truck equipment? Are there some items you can do without? How could you find the best products at the most affordable prices? Which brands’ products are the most trustworthy?

These are some of the questions newbie DJs have when purchasing equipment for their trucks. Such people are earnest in their desire to earn a living from their passion. Yet the lack of knowledge about the most basic equipment endangers their dream at its very earliest.

This article aims to change all that by giving you actionable advice using which you can select everything from headphones to DJ turntable. The tips given below are recommended and vetted by experts and are therefore ones you can rely on.

Essential Mobile DJ Truck Equipment You Need

Following are the equipment you should purchase as soon as possible:

Gear to play audio

Five devices are crucial to playing high-end audio seamlessly on your DJ truck. They include a DJ controller, mobile device, DJ media player, DJ turntable, and at least one computer. All these equipment should be the first on your purchasing list.

They are going to be the lifeblood of your DJ career, which is why you shouldn’t try to save money and try to purchase the best the market has to offer. Only then can you hope to kick-start your DJ career in a way that would force the audience to stand up and take notice.

Audio interface

Most people assume that audio interfaces are nothing but devices that have the connectors that let you plug-in your microphones and instruments (for recording) and headphones and speakers (for listening). Such thinking fails to encapsulate everything audio interfaces are capable of doing.

Modern audio interfaces convert audio from one format to another, provide the facility of metering and are compatible with a plethora of devices. Some of them offer MIDI inputs and outputs as well. Little wonder then that veteran DJs associate good quality recording with a high-end audio interface.

DJ software

When searching for the best DJ software that could fulfil all your needs, there are certain points you need to keep in mind. Don’t settle for a free software as the money it will save you isn’t worth the features that you’d end up missing out on.

These features include the option of scratching any file you may have on your personal computer, CD-J and vinyl control, and easy library management to let you match beats and switch between songs. The best DJ software also have a user-friendly interface to make operating them a cinch.

DJ mixer

This is a feature that lets the DJ manipulate and control various audio signals. It also enables you to make a seamless transition between songs. Most DJ software that will charge you for their services will provide a DJ mixer in the package.

However, if you have decided to invest in a free DJ software that doesn’t provide a DJ mixer, you may have to get this feature separately. It is a must-have for merging different audio inputs into one and offer the listeners a smooth listening experience.

DJ headphones

Eight features separate the best DJ headphones from the riffraff. All of them are ultra-comfortable, offer a closed-back design to keep the surrounding noise at bay and offer sound that is loud enough for you to heat it in a club full of screaming people.

Aside from that, they complement your mixing stance, come with a universally compatible ¼’’ jack and boast a rugged material of construction. Such headphones are also extremely portable and look pleasing on the eye so that the people who are looking at you are impressed with their aesthetics.

Passive speaker system

Although you’re always going to have a power supply nearby, there is always a chance that the breakage of one wire or malfunctioning of a battery leaves you with no electricity. Such situations can be disastrous for the night planned ahead if you don’t have a passive/powered speaker system onboard.

Such equipment avert the disaster by letting you charge them way in time. There’s no danger of them going out of power five minutes before, or into, the gathering. You can therefore count on them to outlast the night and save your reputation from getting a massive hit.

Mobile DJ Truck Equipment – FAQs

Q: Which DJ software is the best?

Following are some of those DJ software that are preferred by pros:

  • Serato DJ: Available in both free and paid versions, this DJ software is used by Dada Life, Dillion Francis and Kygo. It has a simple but professional layout and offers low latency as long as you’re going to use it with DVS.
  • Record Box DJ: Available only in a paid version, Record Box DJ works best if you already have Pioneer hardware onboard. It offers fantastic library management features that make mixing music a cinch.
  • Traktor DJ: This DJ software is used by the likes of Zedd, Krewell, Carl Cox and many world-renowned musicians. It is best for those of you who want an ultra-reliable software that offers (almost) universal compatibility.
  • Virtual DJ: Virtual DJ might suit those of you who have very deep pockets. It doesn’t come cheap but justifies its asking price with an extremely flexible layout, universal compatibility and user-friendly interface.

Q: What is open format mobile DJ-ing?

Those DJs that performs music of multiple genres in a single set are known as open-format mobile Djs. More often than not their selection of music and/or playlists is influenced by the requests of the crowd that may have gathered before them.


The crux of everything that we have said till now is that you’d have to spend a considerable amount of money to get the best mobile DJ truck equipment. There are no second thoughts on this point. Cheap equipment might save you money but they will cost you the respect of your audience.